The AAF consists of eight centrally owned and operated teams, based in metropolitan areas that have at least one major professional sports franchise and will all play in major FBS college football stadiums.

The AAF did a mini-draft for quarterbacks and not for every position but the biggest obstacle for any league is how to introduce fans to both the league and their favourite team as it is literally building a fan base from nothing and therefore players are assigned from affiliated colleges, CFL and NFL teams.

Firstly, players are assigned based on which college they played for, which helps teams to tap into the local college fan bases that helps for fans to not only attend games but also see their favourite college players in action at the pro level. Players are also chosen by the last professional team that they played for either in the CFL or NFL. However, if a player has never played professionally then they are free to be signed by any AAF team.
Updated: 27 january 2019