1. The North Division represents the AFC and the South Division represents the NFC. Teams are put in alphabetical order by NFL city/region (not team nickname) per NFL conference.
  2. BFL teams are given their NFL affiliated team following the end of the previous NFL season in late December/January.
  3. The schedule follows the NFL Regular Season Weeks 1-11.
  4. Week 11 is when the final BFL standings will be released as per the BFL schedule, with a drawn result automatically given a win if no other BFL team has drawn a game.
  1. Top 3 per division, at the close of Week 11, will compete in the Playoffs.
  2. BFL Playoffs follow the NFL Regular Season Weeks 12-13.
  3. Playoffs are played within the division so North vs North and South vs South.
This is achieved as follows and in this order:
  1. The final full time score for each team is the primary score for the game.
  2. If this results in a tie, then each quarter score by each team is added as overtime until an outright winner is found. Therefore a maximum total of 4 OTs.
  3. If this still results in a tie, then the very first score (touchdown or field goal or safety) by each team is added as overtime and this procedure will be added until no more scores are available for that week and ultimately this should result in an outright winner. This means that there is no limit as to how many overtime scores are used to break the tie.
  4. If the tie still cannot be broken, then Rule 3.3 is repeated as many times until the tie is broken.
The above procedures should be sufficient to break tied games.
If any Playoff team(s) have bye weeks then this system will be used:
  • Week 12 is the sole Bye Week during the BFL Playoffs.
  • The Division Champion automatically gets a bye week, and therefore that NFL affiliated team will represent the 2nd place or below if that team has a bye week in Week 12.
  • If there is more than 1 Playoff team with a Bye Week, Rule 4.2 will apply for the 2nd place team and 3rd place team will be represented by the 4th placed NFL affiliated team.
Updated: 01 october 2019