North Division (2015)
South Division (2015)
Teams are based in England (7), Scotland (2) and Wales (1) with a team based in each capital city of Cardiff (Welsh), Edinburgh (Scottish) and London. The top 2 per division make the playoffs.
  • Any city/location is chosen because of its current and future possibility of growing its support (support populations) from not just where the stadium is based but the wider region.
  • BFL stadiums must have a capacity of at least 25,000.
  • BFL stadiums must have suitable transport connections for fans to get to and from the stadium.
  • Only 3 BFL stadiums (Hampden Park, Murrayfield and Wembley) can host American Football games. The remaining stadiums would need to be re-configured and which would drop the capacity by a few thousand. Therefore, the capacity for most BFL stadiums is as it stands now.
Updated: 05 september 2019