• Any city/location is chosen because of its current and future possibility of growing its support (support populations) from not just where the stadium is based but the wider region.
  • BFL stadiums must have a capacity of at least 25,000.
  • BFL stadiums must have suitable transport connections for fans to get to and from the stadium.

At present, the BFL will remain at 8 teams for ease of schedule and also the opportunities for all teams to make the playoffs and potentially play in the Premier Bowl. Further expansion, even to 10 teams, could likely hinder these opportunities and make it more difficult for teams to qualify for the playoffs and ultimately less competitive.

However, there is always scope to expand the league but which will be gradual and not as constant as say the indoor/arena football leagues that often expand/contract every season.

Locations of interest are:
  • Bristol Romans: Bristol covers the city and borders Somerset and Gloucestershire with a fanbase of over 1 million and using Ashton Gate (27,000). It is close to Birmingham Bandits, London Monarchs and Cardiff (Welsh Dragons) and suited to a rivalry for these cities.
  • Glasgow Gladiators (Scotland): Glasgow hosted NFL Europe team (Scottish Claymores unrelated), but could be used as a second stadium for the BFL Claymores, and the Glasgow City Region has 1.8m. Stadium would be Hampden Park (51,866)
  • Humberside Sharks (Hull, E.Yorkshire): Humberside covers North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Kingston upon Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire and has a fanbase of 850K. Stadium would be KCOM Stadium (25,400) and a natural rivalry with Yorkshire Vikings (Leeds).
  • Merseyside Scorpions: Liverpool (playing as Merseyside) has a fanbase of 1.4m and Anfield (54,074). Its rival would be Manchester Demons.
  • London Jets: The London capital region (Essex, Kent and Surrey) has a fanbase of nearly 5m but no stadium has a capacity of the BFL minimum and would likely mean combining to form a second team in London using either London Stadium (57,000) as closer to the 3 counties or Twickenham Stadium (75,000) which has hosted American Football games. Rivalry would be with cross-town London Monarchs.
  • Thames Valley Thunder (Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire): Thames Valley covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire with a fanbase of over 2 million and using Stadium M:K (30,500). Rivalry would be London and other teams in the division due to location.
These are the current cities that are suited to the BFL and would bring it to 12 teams and expansion of the playoffs to 8 teams.

Although, the UK has a lot of expansion opportunities, Dublin, Ireland could become a BFL Franchise as a non-divisional member, same as Notre Dame plays in the ACC but is an independent, and play BFL teams but only qualify for the playoffs if their record is ranked higher than the other BFL teams. Dublin's population is nearly 2m and suited for expansion including two stadiums Aviva Stadium (49,000) and Croke Park (82,300). This would likely mean adding other teams in a seperate division.
Updated: 02 november 2018