• Any city/location is chosen because of its current and future possibility of growing its support (support populations) from not just where the stadium is based but the wider region.
  • BFL stadiums must have a capacity of at least 25,000.
  • BFL stadiums must have suitable transport connections for fans to get to and from the stadium.
  • Only 2 BFL stadiums (Wembley and Murrayfield) can host American Football games. The remaining stadiums would need to be re-configured and which would drop the capacity by a few thousand. Therefore, the capacity for most BFL stadiums is as it stands now.

The earliest that expansion can take place is following the 2022 season, with the BFL looking at achieving targets, see below, by 2022 and is also the season in which all BFL teams would have hosted the Championship Game.

  • Sussex Pirates appear in the Championship Game.
  • First team to win their 2nd Championship Game title.
  • Apart from the London Monarchs, another team to win their home Championship Game.
  • Any current Championship Game Runner-Up team winning their first title (Birmingham Bandits/Manchester Demons/Welsh Dragons).
  • Birmingham Bandits break their Playoff drought (2017-2018).
  • Tyneside Mariners break their Playoff drought (2018).
  • Any current North Division Final Runner-Up team winning their 2nd title (Manchester Demons/Scottish Claymores/Tyneside Mariners/Yorkshire Vikings).
  • Any current South Division Final Runner-Up team winning their 2nd title (Birmingham Bandits/London Monarchs/Sussex Pirates).
  • Manchester Demons win their first North Division title.
  • Another team, other than the Yorkshire Vikings, wins their second North Division title.
  • Any South Division team wins their second South Division title.
Updated: 19 january 2019