Alabama Crimson Tide (2)
2018 National Championship

Alabama Crimson Tide (2)
The College Football Playoff replaces the Bowl Championship Series (1998-2014) and is the first playoff system for the top level of College Football in the USA since the sport began in 1869. The 4-team playoff is announced on the Sunday following the Conference Championship Game Weekend at the beginning of December. The College Football Playoff's current contract runs up to the 2025 season ending with the 12th National Championship in January 2026.

There are 4 teams that make up the pool, with the 2 semifinal winners advancing to the College Football Playoff National Championship, which is not an officially sanctioned championship event by the NCAA (the sport's governing body). The hosts for the National Championship have been decided up to and including the 2024 Game. A 13-member committee seeds the four teams on 'Selection Day' for the Playoff as well as the top 25 teams including those playing in the New Year Six Bowl Games, on Week 14 (Sunday) following the end of the 2nd last week of the FBS Regular Season, known as the Conference Championship Game Weekend.
The College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy is sponsored by Dr Pepper who paid an estimated $35 million for the sponsorship rights up until 2020. It was commissioned by the College Football Playoff officials as a trophy that was unconnected with the previous Bowl Championship Series (BCS).
Updated: 09 January 2018