Toronto Argonauts (17)
105th Grey Cup

Toronto Argonauts (17)
The Canadian Football League (CFL) or League de Football Canadien (LCF) plays Canadian Football and began in 1958, having formerly been a member of the Canadian Football Council (CFC), which it withdrew from to form the CFL. It traces its history back to the 1880s. It remains the only Football League in North America that has its teams solely based in Canada.

The CFL was formed from a merger between the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union founded in 1907 and the Western Interprovincial Football Union founded in 1936.

In 1993, it added teams in North America with the Baltimore Stallions being the only team to win the 83rd Grey Cup. In 1995, the league returned to Canada-based teams and has remained like that ever since.

Ottawa RedBlacks joined in 2014.
Teams play an 18-game/21-week regular season with 3 bye weeks and the champions are crowned at the Grey Cup.
The Grey Cup is the biggest single day sporting event in Canada. It began in 1909 and is one of the oldest sporting events still contested with the Canadian College Football's Yates Cup being older having being contested since 1898.
Updated: 04 February 2018