Mathos Football Leagues is a non-profit fansite, run by MFL Properties (UK), for enthusiast of American Football which I have been a fan of since 1988. I have partnered with Amazon UK and affiliated with both my Dad's website Nigel Thomas Associates, supporting his Military History publishing career.
I really enjoy creating new helmets and would love to do more of it for you, the fans.

Do you have a fantasy football league or fantasy team and need a helmet to represent it?

Is your favourite sports team, a non-American Football playing team and you would love a helmet to represent them for a bit of fun then get in touch by emailing mathosfootball@outlook.com with your requirements and we can discuss your project.

In order to begin your project, I will need the following information:
  1. Name
  2. Nickname
  3. Location (if not obvious from the name)
  4. Colours for the facemask and helmet shell and whether any stripes will be needed

  • Mathos Football (UK): 2002-2007
  • Mathos Football World: 2007-2016
  • Mathos Football UK: 2016
  • Mathos Football Leagues: 2016-present

The MFL logo is a red shell helmet with a black facemask and thick black stripe and features a re-worked London Monarchs logo on the side to represent the continued push by the NFL to have games in the city. The new helmet was changed to announce the renaming of the fansite to Mathos Football Leagues in 2016. However, it does not intentially represent any team past or present.

Commercial use of the images is NOT permitted, because the various colleges and professional teams own all such rights to their respective logos; and their representation in this fansite is purely for interest and not to make any profit from their inclusion so please do not attempt to print these images onto any product that you intend to sell. All helmets, except Any Given Sunday, A11FL, BGFL, CIF, IFL and NAL, are created by the Helmet Project. By showing these helmets on this fansite, Alex Thomas is representing HP and not taking ownership of the designing of these helmets.

New helmets will only be added if they replace a helmet that is no longer in use with only 'home' helmets being listed using this template. In the case of college football teams that use multiple alternative helmets in any given season, then a new helmet will only be added if they have stopped using a helmet from the previous season. The helmet will only remain on the fansite until it is no longer being used as an alternative helmet. As so many pages have helmets, only the Playoff results and new leagues/conferences and similar information will be listed under 'latest updates'.

This website was first launched in 2002, when I was 23 years young and had a lot of time on my hands to update this website all of the time. However, in recent years especially in the last few, I have found it very difficult to keep on top of the many updates especially the college football ones and have had to make many hard decisions. The following list is what you will find for each league and all can be accessed via their logos at the top of each page:
  • Arena Football League (AFL) - Playoffs
  • British Gridiron Football League (BGFL) - Playoffs
  • Canadian Football League (CFL) - Playoffs
  • Champions Indoor Football (CIF) - Playoffs
  • Indoor Football League (IFL) - Playoffs
  • National Arena League (NAL) - Playoffs
  • National Football League (NFL) - Playoffs
  • NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) - Current Conferences including Conference Championship Games & Champions
  • NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) - College Football Playoff including its New Year's Six Bowl Games
  • NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) - All current Bowl Games
  • Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) - Conference Championship Game
  • U Sports Football (formerly CIS) - Conference & National Playoffs
MFL is proud to support these brand:
MFL is proud of its brand and has the following social media accounts so please follow and spread the word. If you have photos, please DM me or email me them and I will post on your behalf and give you full credit:
Due to how long some of these teams have been playing football, all FBS & SWAC teams will have the following listed:
  • First season
  • Years the team has played in the FBS/FCS.
  • If no FBS/FCS details is listed under 'Previous Conferences' then the date shown below the team is the year in which the team first played in the FBS/FCS.
For details of teams that no longer play in the FBS, please click on the Defunct/Former Teams page.
Current stadium/arena photos are shown for professional leagues (AFL, BGFL, CFL, NFL and all defunct leagues except AF2 and A-11FL) plus college leagues (NCAA Football Division I-FBS &SWAC). Any future stadiums will be added as and when they become active.

All stadium photos are provided courtesy of WorldStadiums.com and Google searches.
Champions are listed on all league pages including the college athletic association's main and the NCAA Football's Division I-FBS conference pages. The number in brackets refers to how many titles that team has won for that league/conference.

Florida State Seminoles (3)
The FBS Conferences' Championship Games are listed on each page with just the champions for both the Big 12 and Sun Belt Conferences, these will be adding championship games in 2017 and 2018.
  • Updated: 21 April 2017