From 2002-2006, when it was called Mathos Football UK and Mathos Football World, this fansite had a logo of a mural but this logo has been lost.

From 2007-2018, this fansite used a helmet logo that which represented the fictional Mathos Monarchs Gridiron Football team. The helmet logo featured a re-worked logo of the WLAF's London Monarchs (c.1991) but with the '+' missing from the actual London Monarchs logo to make it look different.

From 2019, the logo was changed to fit inline with the fansite's rebrand as Mathos Gridiron UK. The new logo includes the flag of the United Kingdom as a background with just the WLAF's London Monarchs (c.1991) 'M' logo. A secondary logo is used for each season, a reworking of the College Football Playoff National Championship logo and also used in a similar way for the British Football League's Championship Game, and a minor logo used for when a page has been updated.



The fansite has changed both its name and coverage over the years in order to reach more Gridiron Football fans and therefore build its brand both on the traditional internet fansite and through its social media channels:
Mathos Football UK
Mathos Football World
Mathos Football Leagues
Mathos Gridiron Football
Mathos Gridiron UK
Updated: 15 January 2019