Mexico City Mexicas (1)
Mexico Bowl III

Mexico City Mayas (2)
The Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional de Mexico (LFA) is the first professional football league in Mexico and began in 2016. Prior to its kickoff, the highest level of competition for American Football in Mexico was at the college football level where it has been played since the 1920s. The Aztec Bowl is an NCAA-sanctioned Division III post-season bowl game played as an all-star game.

In 2018, the league remained at 6 teams with the (Mexico City) Eagles being renamed the Mexicas. Teams are split into two conferences (now called Central and North) made up of 3 teams each. The top two teams (per division) qualify for the playoffs. The two division winners then played in Mexico Bowl. Teams go by their nicknames and not by their city name first like in other American Football leagues.

The season begins in February and ends in April with the Champions crowned in the Mexico Bowl (Tazon Mexico).

Mexico City's Estadio Azteca hosts the NFL's NFL Mexico Game a part of the NFL's International Series.
Updated: 23 April 2018