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Mathos Football Leagues is an American Football fansite created by Alex Thomas, based in London, England, in 2002. Alex has been a fan of American Football and the San Francisco 49ers since 1988 and celebrates 30 seasons in 2017. This site's main focus is the playoff results for collegiate and professional football leagues as well as an historic archive of past professional leagues and his own fantasy football league called the British Gridiron Football League. The 2017 season is the 16th season this fansite has covered American Football. The Background: American Bowl '91 - Philadelphia Eagles vs Buffalo Bills @ Wembley Stadium, courtesy of Nigel Thomas Associates.
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In 2017, the Rugby Football League became the first ever league to have a trans-atlantic team called the Toronto Wolfpack. For their first season, they will begin play in the 2017 League 1 season which is the third tier of British Rugby League. They are notable as being the first Canadian team to play in the Rugby Football League system, which has predominately English teams with two Welsh and two French teams also competing. The club is also the first ever fully professional trans-atlantic team of any sport.

The club plans to play in blocks of four home matches, four away matches, and cover all expenses of visiting teams throughout the season. Think the NFL could take note. It has given me ideas of expanding my own league the same way.
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  • Updated: 23 April 2017