Los Angeles Xtreme (1)


On February 2nd 2000, World Wrestling Entertainment's owner Vince McMahon launched his own football league, XFL, with the promise that it would be a lot different to that of the failed leagues of the USFL and WFL. The main difference being that the cameras would be in the huddles, on the sidelines, coaches would have microphones and the locker rooms wired for sound and vision before and after games. Major networks bought into the hype with TNN, UPN and NBC broadcasting games.

Orginally the idea was for the league to have teams based in Birmingham, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco and Washington DC. Both Miami and Washington DC (XFL 2020) were dropped before the league even started. Unusual team names were used of which most of which either referenced images of uncontrolled insanity (Maniax, Rage, Xtreme, Demons) or criminal activity (Enforcers, Hitmen, Outlaws, and the Birmingham Blast). Birmingham's name was changed to the Thunderbolts or Bolts for short.

Although the league started with huge ratings, these began to tail off throughout the season and lead to the league folding after only one season in 2001. Its telecasts featured extensive usage of aerial skycams and on-player microphones to provide additional perspectives of the games; which were later used by the NFL and other leagues.
An announcement on 25th January 2018 said that a new XFL would start in 2020.